Fall 2020 Print & Photo Contest

PROFI Box Print & Photo Contest is here! Share your prints and creations for a chance to win PROFI Box subscription for a lifetime


  1. Have an active PROFI Box or PROFI Box MINI subscription
  2. Choose any FilamentOne filament and any object including Filrunner which is a FilamentOne mascot.
  3. Photograph your creation/print outside of your house, residence, on the street, basically anywhere outside. It's a fall photo contest and we don't want to see just your prints, but also a nice fall background from your area.
  4. Email your best picture to brando[@]filamentone[.]com and include your name, location and filament used.
  5. Vote for the best picture on our @profibox3d Instagram account. Our team will select 3 pictures with most likes and choose 1 winner that will receive a subscription certificate for life.
  6. Emails with pictures will be accepted till November 15.
Contact our customer service at info[@]filamentone[.]com for questions related to this contest.
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